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It is now indisputable that the cultural identity of peoples is not only characterized by its construction heritage, namely monuments that reflect times and periods of its civilizational development, but also by intangible assets - such as the culinary arts that characterize certain aspects of a nation or a region, wich as time wents by tend to disappear.The Restaurants Sector (Gastronomy) has received from the Portuguese Government some intensive measures to preserve, to promote and to disseminate the national cuisine as an integrated value of the Portuguese cultural heritage, in order to promote domestic and external demand.


The gastronomy has been recognized as an important component in attracting both national and international tourist fluxes and has provided continuous development of the catering sector, being of crucial economic importance for any region and promoting the creation of direct and indirect jobs.
In this context, the Resolution of the Council of Ministers nº 96/2000, published in the Diário da República, I Series B, July 26, reinforces the role of gastronomy as a cultural heritage, the historical and social development of our people that must be safeguarded and promoted.


The restaurants and beverage activity in Olhão stands out from other Algarvian municipalities, for its high contribution to the local economy, also taking a leading role in promoting and developing tourism in our county, registering increasing demand indices. In the Olhão municipality there are many places where you can enjoy the county's cuisine, specilally in Avenida 5 de Outubro, near the riverside area (Zona Ribeirinha), which concentrates most of the restaurant and bar establishments.Typical dishes of the county are, among others, the Xarém with Conquilhas, this one of the 21 finalists to the 7 Gastronomic Wonders of Portugal, Raia Alhada, the Litao Olhão's Way, Anchovies and Clams .