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Fuseta-Sea Beach

Fuseta, Olhão

The beach is located in the least extreme of the Armona Beach, in front of Fuseta, fishing village but already in firm land. Here the Ria Formosa narrows significantly, the boat meander through the same canals surrounded by stilt and marsh banks, but the journey is shorter. The 2010 sea storms changed significantly the shape of this white sand stretch, living without a trace the small holiday homes. It was necessary to open an artificial new sand bar in the island, called the New Bar, based about 1,5 km upstream from the beach area. The beach support facilities meanwhile, were restored and it’s the natural landscape that standout again in the Fuseta Beach. The sand section between the new bar and the old bar location, it was designated as New Bar Beach, so it now features a secluded and untouched sand area, with very appealing natural polls in the low-tide.

The currents near the bar are usually very strong. In order to preserve this place, the dune system should be cross through the crossings.