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How to Get There / Accessibilities

The Olhão county benefits, in 9 km west from the city of Olhão, from the Airport of Faro, having as the link element the National Road 125 (EN 125).


The Olhão county have two train stations, Olhão and Fuseta-Moncarapacho, with rail links until Faro, Tavira or Vila Real de Santo António, and from the Fuseta-A halt (besides de other two disabled halts – Bias and Marim).


The level of national roads, the Main Route (IP1), known as the Via do Infante and recently referred to as A22, includes two interchanges to the municipality of Olhão, a Moncarapacho with connection EN declassified 398 and another in EN 125 (Marim), which also serves as a variant to EN 398. The conditions of accessibility in the south of Spain with the Via do Infante and the Sevilla-Huelva motorway allow to enjoy interregional conditions. The declassified IP1 has an approximate length of 9 km, is the basis of support for the entire road network of the county and is part of the national highway network.

Regarding to the regional roads, we can consider the access to the Via Infante, as they allow the connection to the municipality and ensure continuity with other routes.

As for the national highways declassified, the country has a section of EN 125, EN 398 (link access to the Via do Infante and access to the parish of Moncarapacho) and EN declassified 2.6, allowing the latter access to Pechão parish.


In the city of Olhão there is a bus station from EVA with connections between the cities of Olhão and Faro, but also with connections Olhão-Moncarapacho, Olhão-Pechão, Olhão-Poço Longo.