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Caíque Bom Sucesso Boat

When the Napoleon french troops are expelled from Olhão, and also from the rest of the Algarve in June of 1808, the Caique Bom Sucesso boat, or Drago, as it was formerly known, left towards Brazil to give the word of the good news to the King. The crew, the olhanenses, coming from Olhão, have, facing them, a dark passage and the pilot, without any guidance device or chart, is guided by estimates drawn in a primitive map, taking advantage of the sea currents and favorable winds. Returning to Olhão, they announce: the Regent Prince granted to the former place of Olhão the honorary title of Olhão the Village of the Restoration.

The replica of the original vessel is anchored next to the Municipal Markets of Olhão and allows residents and visitors to feel part of the history of these heroic olhanenses that headed to Brazil. It's possible to book some tours along the Ria Formosa in this vessel of two masts and two triangular latin sails or bastards, with approximately 18 meters long. The Caique Bom Sucesso before 'staying' in the Olhão history as a heroic reference, it was used in deep sea fishing, in the Mediterranean and North Africa and for the transportation of goods to cities such as Cadiz, Tangier, Lisbon or Oporto.