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Pedestrian Routes

The county of Olhão is located in the East Algarve as integral part of the 16 Municipalities of Faro. With a land area of 130km2 distributed over 4 parishes, it’s geologically placed in two Algarvian sub-regions, the “barrocal” and the coast.

All of the coast area in the county of Olhão fit in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, one of the most important wet areas European level and has been considered, in 2004, a wet area of Global interest.

The “barrocal” is characterized by the existence of two geological landmarks, the cerro da cabeça and the cerro de São Miguel, whose surrounding landscape present a high environmental value.

It’s with this background and through the practice of hiking, that we propose a visit to the spots where nature reigns, and it’s still possible to watch all his splendor, as well as witness some traditions that time couldn’t erase.

Therefore, arises the “Aqui Tão Perto” project – a number of typical pathways and cultural routes with the aim of raising awareness of the material, immaterial and natural heritage of the County of Olhão.


Are under implementation the following Pedestrian Routes:


PR1 – Cerro da Cabeça and Roman Paths

                        PR2 – Cerro de São Miguel Path

                        PR3 – Smugglers Path


                        PR4 – Water Path

                        PR5 – Pechão and the History

                        PR6 – Rota Route